Every little helps in rebuilding trust

When you're reaching out to multiple audiences, you need messaging and technology that brings people, ideas and content together.

At the heart of Tesco's recovery over the last two years is a new purpose based around simplicity, relevance and responsiveness. Tesco wanted to communicate its commitment to this purpose by connecting its corporate story much more closely to the customer experience. The solution was clear and engaging corporate communication allied to technology that could deliver content to different audiences across multiple channels.

Finding a new way to bring two important stories together

There are two broad Tesco narratives: corporate, a world of strategy, performance and accountability; and customer, a world of countless daily interactions that give the company its focus and purpose.

Tesco had a vision to bring those two stories together in its corporate website. To do this it needed to find a way to pull feeds from its social media channels and blog into the corporate site. In three months. As the technology didn't exist, we created an intuitive, bespoke tool to aggregate the feeds, enabling Tesco to curate combinations of feeds anywhere on the site, organised by channel, date or theme.

I’ve really enjoyed working with you on the rebuild of the website, on which you exceeded my (pretty high!) expectations. You’re a great team and your work, and attitude to it, have been very highly regarded at Tesco.

Tara Carroll, Digital Channels & Content Manager

Transformed reporting for a transformed business

Recent annual reports have been a crucial channel for Tesco to rebuild the trust of stakeholders and refocus on customers. We have adapted the reporting approach to ensure that the report is delivered in a more human and real way, through engaging and diverse content that is fully integrated across print and online.