Redefining value, signalling change

The desire to release greater value drives all business transformation programmes. As part of its own change programme, QinetiQ, a FTSE250 science and technology company operating in the defence, security and aerospace markets, realised that unlocking value would come not from rethinking what they did, but how they did it.

Agility and closeness

As QinetiQ recognised that responsiveness, agility and closeness to their customers were key to redefining their fundamental value as a business, our task was to ensure that these were also the drivers of the company’s new brand positioning.  

The central idea of the new QinetiQ brand is that the company is always on the side of its customers, protecting, improving and advancing their interests. What is fascinating is how an exercise like this so often starts to change the way a company thinks about itself, and how in this situation, a simple objective – we want to be clear about the value we offer to our customers – became a deep and broad-based exercise that explored why QinetiQ exists and what it believes in.


Precision engineered branding

As we moved from definition to creation, our inspiration came from QinetiQ's incredible heritage of world-class people, technology and facilities. The company’s new identity had to pass the scrutiny of those brilliant engineering minds, resulting in a mark that is literally precision-engineered. For the VI as a whole, we had to respond to what was influencing and challenging QinetiQ, its customers and partners in a volatile and fast changing industry. Cost and efficiency, agility and collaboration, quality and insight are the essential components.


The value of an integrated approach

Creating the VI alongside developing QinetiQ.com, the Annual Report, videos, environments and printed collateral is an effective way to road test and refine our design principles before locking down guidelines. Every brand agency needs to apply their guidelines to an Annual Report before they can be sure it’s a robust enough system (and not just the cover.)

Digital at the forefront

When the site launched it was the first major public expression of the new visual identity. It’s also the benchmark for QinetiQ's digital communications as they move forward with brand implementation. Our teams worked closely with QinetiQ to rationalise content, allowing for a slick, impactful and connected experience that better aligns to the vision of a more customer focused business.