A fitting home for famous brands

When telling a growth story, how do you maximise the value of a world-class brand portfolio through your website, reporting and other channels?

IHG’s world-famous hotel brands are each unique in character but united by an overall purpose to create Great Hotels Guests Love®. IHG has continuously challenged us, over 15 years, to communicate this purpose while promoting the value and strategic aims of the company’s leading hotel brands to investors, regulators, owners and employees.

Celebrating the business behind Great Hotels Guests Love®

The strength of IHG's brand portfolio has seen the company become one of the world’s most influential businesses. IHG’s new corporate site now delivers a digital experience that matches the appeal of its world-class brands. The site is elegant and simple, and armed with technology and tools that reflect both the company's asset-light, clear-sighted business strategy and the seamless way it is delivered in the real world.

It was really enjoyable to watch the website come together and we took great comfort in knowing that, as an agency, you understood what was important to IHG and what would and wouldn’t work for the business. The result is that we have a truly fantastic website.

Neil Maidment, Head of Content & Editorial, Global Corporate Affairs

A story of intelligent, responsible growth

IHG's corporate strategy is as elegant, forward looking and well considered as its brand strategy. We provide IHG with the technical and communication advice, simple creativity and rock-solid support needed to ensure this focused approach is always applied to the company’s reporting – where the requirement to disclose a great deal of information needs to be balanced with the need to clearly demonstrate how growth and value is being created.

A global footprint managed with consideration

IHG has a substantial global footprint, with a portfolio of over 5,000 hotels that employ 350,000 people. Managing this footprint requires a constant commitment to responsible business practices that take into account the interests of guests, employees, owners and society as a whole. In the last three years we have helped the Responsible Business team at IHG communicate not just policies, procedures and performance in a clear, measurable way, but also to bring its approach to life through effective digital communication.