Get meaningful insights from your data

How well do you understand what goes on at the user end of your corporate website? Gaia Insight can help you get to know your audiences on a whole new level.

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What is Gaia Insight?

Gaia Insight is a digital analytics service designed specifically for corporate communicators. It includes a coding and tracking audit to ensure that you're getting the most out of your visitor information.

Through a secure online portal, Gaia Insight pulls together your web analytics, giving you unique benefits that help you understand how users respond to your digital communications – beyond the page views, clicks and referrals that most data tools are limited to.

More than statistics

With Gaia Insight you'll be able to:

  • Compare your data against peer companies
  • Analyse behaviour patterns among different audience types
  • Monitor in real time with rolling live data

Unique features

  • Dashboards on all key measurement areas
  • Data filtered by key content
  • Downloadable and shareable data and reports
  • Comparison of results across different timeframes
  • Customisable access levels

If you want to know more please contact:

Steven Jephson
Digital Analytics Manager

T +44 (0)207 815 2113

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The significance of corporate websites

Corporate website audiences are now of such a scale and sophistication that stale and in-authentic content is caught out and cast aside. As online behaviour and technology use keeps evolving, communicators need to keep up and give their audiences what they're looking for.

Companies that genuinely understand their audiences and reflect this in their communications will find a real competitive advantage over their peers.

Each year we research the visitor behaviour of FTSE100 corporate sites. The results give communicators a solid insight into how these websites are being used by different audiences and what it means for their digital strategies and day-to-day communication.

Our experience with data analysis

Our unrivalled and historic European data set comes from over ten years of designing and delivering leading data services. This means we analyse your data with seasoned rigour and objectivity, giving thorough insights and recommendations for your approach.

Want to find out more?

You can check out the blogs covering this research, we welcome your comments and feedback. Or for more information please get in touch.